In this training, we will clarify the different types of hair color and pre lighteners, when to use and why. The effect on the hairs Ph and what is in the tube, understanding which peroxide to use and who is the boss.


Lorraine Matic

Lorraine Matic

Lorraine is a dedicated educational Manager with 16 years of experience within this role, with over 30 years of working globally in the hairdressing industry Lorraine has a demonstrated history of devising commercial educational programs, events, shows, and photoshoots for corporate companies, distributors, and hair salon groups. Her passion for education and empowering other hairdressers is infectious!

From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser, and travel the world sound familiar? I was very fortunate to have a strict apprenticeship with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of hairdressing.

Travel allowed me to be expressive, indulge in culture, History, textures, foods, and languages, reflecting in my work and teaching today.

I joined a very renowned salon group in Germany and became the colorist on the Artistic team, I attended many intense color programs, which I still do today This is where I completely fell into color, shape, creating movement, reflection, layering, bespoke formulations, and hair science. The lightbulb was lit.

Once I understood hair, hair color, Pre lightners, and what not to do it allowed me to fall into a world of what you can do. On my return to the UK, I was headhunted for the position of UK educational manager for a color brand, where I began devising commercial educational programs, events, shows, and photoshoots for, distributors, and hair salon groups. I worked alongside talented hairdressers, cutters, colorists, educators including our fabulous Jack Howard, and learnt so much!

I want to share the passion and knowledge within our Geek squad tribe. Knowledge is indeed the power that builds confidence, which strengthens our skills

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