Learn to add light and depth to a grey hair bob with this balayage tutorial by Jack Howard. In this application, he creates a dimensional modern look for the client category that is often ignored.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to uplift and treat grey hair
  • Where to add brightness
  • Where to add depth
  • How to adapt to the haircut
  • Application without the need for all-over color
  • Face framing on grey hair
  • Working with a fringe

A quick & super commercial look.

Jack Howard

Jack Howard

Jack Howard is an award-winning colorist, balayage expert and educator in commercial hair color.

Bringing together his years of expertise, entrepreneurial successes and worldwide influence, Jack has created this platform to help other professionals around the world become stronger in what they do, gain success in their field, and come together as a community. Tapping into his network of friends, Jack has invited other industry experts to share their knowledge with this hairdressing community.

Above all else, Jack is straight-up and sincere. Humbled by his influence on others, he is overjoyed to be sharing every secret and trick of the trade with this brilliant community.

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